MIDI Commie v1

Desktop MIDI Communication central
Prototype v1

I will be posting my progress in working with my "MIDI Commie" project. A MIDI-Communication utility device with the purpose of converting MIDI-data across the different platforms and cables.


I started this project due to my personal demand of always needing a computer with USB Port to use my Akai MPK mini together with other devices. I also wanted to control my Korg Volca Sample without having my MIDI-keyboard plugged into a computer and avoiding running scripts through Logic Pro X (DAW) to rearrange the MIDI-data (due to the Volca Samples unusual midi mapping).

Main features and overhead
  • Semi-universal MIDI adapter
  • To receive and spread MIDI data from different platforms towardsother different MIDI platforms.
  • Battery powered and USB-port powered 
MIDI platforms supported:
  • Legacy MIDI (Old MIDI, Serial through DIN cable)
  • USB-MIDI (Host & peripheral)
  • BLE MIDI (Bluetooth support for iPhone, Android, macOS etc.
In-depth features & connectivity

MIDI Connectivity

Legacy MIDI (in/out)

The old and original way of connecting MIDI-devices (5-pin DIN/Serial)



USB-HOST Device  (With MIDI)

This means that it can provide power to my MIDI Controller through the controllers USB port and also receive the USB-MIDI data and redistribute it.(This replaces the need to use a computer to use various MIDI keyboards)

Bluetooth LE MIDI

Midi through Bluetooth LE  (BLE).

It is a low-latency bluetooth MIDI implementation

which can be connected wirelessly to an iPhone etc

Volca Sample adapter

Convert the incoming data and then output modified data adapted to the Korg Volca Sample MIDI mapping.

(Legacy/Serial MIDI to cable)


Power supply and sourcing
  • USB cable(5 volt through a Micro USB cable) 
  • LI-PO BatteryWith built in LI-PO charging through the USB cable.The "MIDI Commie" should also switch power source to USB cable in-case it is plugged in.

Current hardware:
  • Arduino M0 Procould be any arduino with m0/samd21. I use the M0  series because of its embedded USB-host functionality.
  • Adafruit Bluefruit nrf8001 SPI breakoutFor BLE midi. This is temporary until i get my ordered Bluefruit nrf58xxx Arduino shield.
  • 2-way Tactile switchFor changing what "MIDI mode" the device should use.(Volca Sample MIDI Mode / Regular Midi Mode)

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