Some information on the as3310 (ADSR generator) and the as3360 (VCA) (aka cem3310 / cem3360)

Some documentations and coverage of the AS3310 i found useful:

“The Envelope Shaper” by Digisound
This is a DIY ADSR design with the as3310 chip, i found it nice because it didnt feel too overwhelming and the function of the components are also explained in text

“Electro-music workshops”
pdf taken from some magazine which explains how CEM3310/AS3310 works and what was cool about it back then

“Digisound Voice Card”
This is a bigger design schematic of the 3310 chip in use, i found it a little bit overwhelming because of the big schematic but it’s a good reference

Using the AS3310 with the AS3360

If you’re using these chips together, the envelope output from the AS3310 goes up to 5v and the AS3360 VCA expects 0-2v on the input.

schematic for voltage dividing 5v to 2v with resistors

Also the AS3310 will break down if you put more than 5v on the ADSR voltage control pins, but mistakes happen and it’s part of the learning process. I haven’t decided yet if i should use voltage regulators for it since someone in the synth DIY group recommended i try out the lm4040 voltage reference “chip”.

The 3310 chip also expects a gate and trigger so make sure you have both during trimming/designing the circuit.

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