Progress on my analog poly synth

During the summer I left my apartment to spend time at my familys summer house. I spent some evenings placing components on my x6 oscillator PCB. So far I’ve soldered the oscillator board, the connector board and a simple mixer to sum the oscillator signals (to test it). I’ve put x6 VCAs and x6 DACs on a breadboard to test out the compatibility.

This first video is without the VCA so the synth doesn’t cut the notes after playing the keys. ┬áIt has been a bit complex to tune it properly since they wiggle around and have unstable connection. Its expected to be a lot easier once they are soldered. The VCOs are as3340 chips, one of the chips seems to be malfunctioning and can’t be tuned to the others, so I am waiting for a replacement. The VCAs are also CEM clones, as3360. So far the circuit is simple and similar to the data sheet instructions of the chips.

Bare in mind the videos are recorded on my iPhone and so is the audio, so the lower frequencies are lost.

Poly synth x6 voice DAC

Poly synth with UNISON voice DAC

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