Hacking the M-Audio Keystation32 keyboard

The M-AUDIO key station 32 basically has the same keymapping and also physical keybed as axiom32. It can be a hassle to connect its flex cable tho since it is so short. I used a flex cable to PCB adapter i found from the “Newhaven Display international” company. It isn’t very cheap but you can make your own aswell. Link to product. After i connect the flex adapter to my jumper wires i just flip them around until i find the right combination on the pinouts. Sometimes you will not get a reading at all because your wires aren’t matched up correctly and you just have to try more combinations. I found the easiest way was to just get the kind of cables I’m using on the picture and flip them around until it works. But be careful you do not twist the flex cable from the keystation32 too much. You can ruin the cable easily.


Arduino library:


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