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Polyphonic DAC with teensy 3.6

https://github.com/brorgustav/polyphonic_dac I’ve spent the last days working on Arduino code for a polyphonic 6/12-voice DAC (from USB-host midi keyboard) with mcp4822 chips and a teensy (connected to AKAI LPK). This code is a work in progress (but works) and shouldn’t be considered stable. It’s with a teensy 3.6 and USB connected to USB-host pins. The …

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Some information on the as3310 (ADSR generator) and the as3360 (VCA) (aka cem3310 / cem3360)

Some documentations and coverage of the AS3310 i found useful: “The Envelope Shaper” by DigisoundThis is a DIY ADSR design with the as3310 chip, i found it nice because it didnt feel too overwhelming and the function of the components are also explained in text “Electro-music workshops”pdf taken from some magazine which explains how CEM3310/AS3310 …

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